Swishcraft Presents: Pride 2013

  1. Coming Back 2013 (Fine Touch EDM Remix)
  2. We Got Pride 2013 (Fine Touch EDM Remix)
  3. Amazing (Matt Consola & LFB Swishcraft Club Mix)
  4. Amazing (Nick Bertossi Progressive House Remix)
  5. We Got Pride (Nick Bertossi Progressive House Remix)
  6. Coming Back (Nick Bertossi Progressive House Remix)
  7. Coming Back (Paul Goodyear Ultimix Remix)
  8. Dreams (Matt Consola & LFB Swishcraft Mix)
  9. Dreams (Paul Goodyear Vocal Club Mix)
  10. Moment of Glory (7th Heaven Club Mix)
  11. Moment of Glory (Matt Consola & LFB Swishcraft Anthem Mix)
  12. Too Young for Promises (Purechild 12" Remix)
  13. Midnight (Wayne G & Andy Allder Atlantis Mix)
  14. Midnight (Jose Spinnin' Cortez Playing with Fire Club Mix)
  15. Don't Wanna Wake Up (Matt Consola & LFB Swishcraft Anthem)
  16. Feels Like Heaven (Cristian Poow Vox Dub Mix)
  17. Penetration (Edson Pride Fetish Mix)
  18. Beating of My Heart (Spekrfreks Remix)

A 2013 Pride Compilations by Swishcraft Music featuring new and unreleased remixes of current and past hits as well as previously released versions.