PRIDE 2024 – A Queer Hits Compilation

  1. Chosen Family (Dirty Disco & Matt Consola VIP Pride Mix)
  2. Find A Way (Matt Consola VIP Pride Mix)
  3. I Will Fly (7th Heaven VIP Pride Mix)
  4. Young Hearts Run Free (VIP Pride Mix)
  5. Bourgie Bourgie (Daddies Home! Disco Mayhem VIP Pride Mix)
  6. I Was Born This Way (VIP Pride Mix)
  7. Proud (Division 4 & Matt Consola VIP Pride Mix)
  8. On The Run (VIP Pride Mix)
  9. Heart And Soul feat. Veneta (VIP Pride Mix)
  10. Go the Distance (RhythmDB VIP Pride Mix)
  11. One Year On (VIP Pride Mix)
  12. Live Your Life (Henry Navarro VIP Pride Mix)
  13. My Tango Baby feat Ashly Cruz (Giuseppe D. vs Silver Bluff VIP Pride Mix)
  14. Soak Up the Sun (VIP Pride Mix)
  15. Wave Crashing Down (VIP Pride Mix)
  16. Ready for Good Lovin' (VIP Pride Mix)
  17. [it’s gonna be] Epic! (Matt Consola VIP Pride Mix)
  18. Looking For a New Love (Jesus Montañez Big Room VIP Pride Mix)

Swishcraft is excited to announce its Annual Pride Compilation featuring 18 full length exclusive VIP mixes of Billboard Dance, ARIA, and UK Charting hits by such Queer Diva Royalty as Heather Small (M People), Amuka, Inaya Day, Debby Holiday, Shauna Jensen, Zhana Roiya and so many more. With some of Pride seasons biggest anthems including “Proud,” “Chosen Family,” “I Was Born This Way,” “Young Hearts Run Free,” “Find A Way,” “Live Your Life,” “Bourgie Bourgie,” and introducing a true new Anthem of Empowerment for 2024, “I Will Fly” by The Disko Katz & Inaya Day.

This compilation also includes new sneak peaks at soon to be hits “One Your On” by Soul Revolver x Isha D, “Soak Up The Sun” and “Young Hearts” by Division 4, “Heart And Soul” by Matt Consola ft Veneta, “My Tango Baby” by Giuseppe D., and “On The Run” by Tommy Marcus. We hope you love it!

Happy Pride from America’s largest LGBTQAI+ owned and operated dance label.