Soul Revolver

Soul Revolver began his DJ and Producing career in Northern Ireland running small underground House nights and learning the craft of music production. Moving to Manchester he took these skills with him and soon was hosting new events and gathered residencies in some of the best clubs in the city including the famous Sankeys.

Whilst these DJ sets were going on Soul Revolver was busy producing and releasing music on many independent labels and slowly working his way up to the bigger guys on this stage. Now playing at different clubs and festivals around Britain and Ireland things where changing and the interest was growing in his sounds. Soon sets were being played in Europe and mostly Ibiza, a regular appearance at Ibiza’s famous sunset strip venue Savannah, Ibiza Rocks, V Club Ibiza and many more.

Now signing many records off to labels, soon the Top 100 Beatport Charts where entered with a consistent ranking. Tracks being released by Stripped Recordings, Baroque Records, Mirabilis Record, Digital Memory Music, Swishcraft Music, and a string of releases and remixes for the Classic House label Cleveland City Records.

In 2024, Soul Revolver has signed his latest release to the multi-Billboard #1 American dance label, Swishcraft Music,  for a summer release. Working with the amazing Isha D, this track will stand testament to everybody evolving love of House music.