Minute of You (Parts One & Two)

  1. Original Club Mix
  2. Dan Slater Remix
  3. LA Rush Club Mix
  4. JimJam Remix
  5. George Figares & DJ Blacklow Vox Mix
  6. George Figares & DJ Blacklow Dub Mix
  7. Shahaf Moran Mainstream Mix
  8. Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix
  9. Wild Goats Remix
  10. Jose Spinnin Cortes & Chris Stutz Remix
  11. GSP Remix
  12. Original Instrumental Mix

Sydney Australia’s Powerhouse DJ Duo, Dan Slater & JimJam team up with dance siren Nalaya Brown for their first commercial release on Swishcraft Music. Dropping Friday, February 10th, 2017, “Minute of You” is a finely crafted mainstream house club banger perfect for all crossover crowds who love vocals that are uplifting & catchy, and mixes that are powerful and driving but never overwhelming.

A small arsenal of remixes by many of the worlds hottest remix producers reinterpret this release and are presented across two EP’s. Many top remix producers from the worlds of Tech House, Deep House, Electronica, Gay Circuit and Mainstream Pop were tapped, including two additional mixes, separate from the original mix, one each produced by it’s artists Dan Slater & JimJam. Dance floors will ignite with remixes by Dirty Disco, LA Rush, GSP, Jose Spinnin Cortes & Chris Stutz Remix, George Figures & DJ Blacklow, Shahaf Moran and introducing NuroTech producers, Wild Goats. Minute of You drops world wide across all stores and streaming services on Friday, Feb 10th, 2017.

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Original Club Mix
Dan Slater Remix
LA Rush Club Mix
JimJam Remix
George Figares & DJ Blacklow Vox Mix
George Figares & DJ Blacklow Dub Mix


Shahaf Moran Mainstream Mix
Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix
Wild Goats Remix
Jose Spinnin Cortes & Chris Stutz Remix
GSP Remix
Original Instrumental Mix