Get You Home

  1. Wayne G & Porl Young Diskofied Club
  2. Wayne G & Porl Young Diskofied Dub
  3. Lee Harris Remix
  4. Lee Harris Dub
  5. Division 4 & Matt Consola Remix
  6. Ranny Original 110 BPM Extended
  7. Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix
  8. Mark VDH Mix
  9. Rob Moore Remix
  10. Stephen Jusko Remix
  11. Dirty Disco Mixshow Edit

With sunshine, blue skies, and dance floors on the post-Covid horizon, Swishcraft is ready to usher in summer and the current Pride season with a new summer hit from Jipsta called ‘Get You Home.’ After a sneak peek on the Swishcraft Pride 2021 compilation of his upcoming late summer release “D.A.N.C.E” with big room producer Ranny, Jipsta makes his Swishcraft Music debut with a sexy, genre-defying House-meets-Hip Hop/Pop record sure to steal the spotlight from bigger names all summer long. Both singles come off Jipsta’s latest album, YEAR OF THE TIGER, on his private label, Bandoozle Beats.

Split into two remix packages, Part One features three rump shakin’ mixes. The bootie thumpin’ Diskofied Club and Dub by Wayne G & Porl Young are pure Disco Ball ecstasy turned up to 11. The UK’s Groove Housemaster Lee Harris also kicks things up a notch with big swung beats, electrifying high-hats, and an infectious groove house baseline. And if Future House is your style, the team of Division 4 & Matt Consola pump out their signature Future House meets Mainstream house complete with thick walking baselines and synth melodies. The Extended album version at 110 BPM will more than satisfy pop/hip hop early evening floors with its infectiously catchy vocal hooks.

Dropping a week later will be the Big Room, Peak Hour mixes. Dirty Disco delivers their Mainroom Big Room sound complete with ominous vocal oversampling and swirling synths.  Rob Moore delivers a slightly darker big room mix complete with rolling rapid-fire percussion and sythn stabs.  Stephen Jusko creates a festival-size Peak Hour complete with pounding drums and a retro breakdown. Last but certainly not least is remix icon and award-winning film and TV producer Mark VDH who takes this mix into sexy/sultry late-night territory reminiscent of classic Murk records.

Be sure to check out Jipsta’s YouTube Page for videos of his past dance floor hits.