Chosen Family (Pride 2024 Remixes)

  1. Dirty Disco & Matt Consola Rainbow Remix
  2. Dirty Disco & Matt Consola Big Room Dub
  3. Wayne G & Andy Allder Mix Disco VIP Mix
  4. Ale Maes & Johnny Bass Big Room Remix
  5. Giuseppe D. vs Silver Bluff Anthem Mix
  6. Matt Moss Pride Anthem Mix
  7. Rafael M Piano Vibe Remix
  8. Dave Matthias Club VIP Mix
  9. Dave Matthias Club Dub Mix

“Where do I belong?”

This question opens the touching and heartfelt anthem “Chosen Family,” and it is one that far too many LGBTQ+ people have had to ask themselves as they navigate existing authentically in a world that still largely sees them as “other.” The query pops up constantly in the lives of those who identify as part of the community, as they can so often feel uninvited, excluded, or unwelcome at school, in the workplace, or worst of all, at home. According to the Trevor Project, queer youth are “more than four times as likely” to have attempted suicide compared to heterosexual youth.

Shauna Jensen became aware of the Rina Sawayama 2020 hit ballad when good friend DJ Wayne G brought it to her. Wayne saw the track’s potential and eventually, the two decided to record a dance floor version of it to coincide with Sydney World Pride 2023.

Produced together with Wayne G and Andy Allder, It was an intercontinental project as Jensen recorded vocals in Australia, Wayne & Andy produced the music in the UK, and the three worked as a team over the magic that is the internet to create the final version. Along with the Original Club Mix, the Big Room, Tech House, Disco House, and Funky House Remixes are now available on Swishcraft Music.

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