Every Moment (Club Mixes Parts 1 & 2)

  1. Dinaire+Bissen Remix
  2. Dinaire+Bissen Dub
  3. Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix
  4. Division 4 & Matt Consola Club
  5. Division 4 & Matt Consola Dub
  6. Alberto Ponzo Remix
  7. Bronski Beat Remix
  8. Sordid Soundz Dub
  9. Russ Rich & Andy Allder Club
  10. Larry Peace House Mix
  11. Testone Tech Remix
  12. Testone Tech Dub

“Every Moment” by Matt Consola & Aaron Altemose feat. Brenda Reed is a powerful track about empowerment. Written by Internationally renowned singer/songwriter Janice Robinson, best known as the voice of the band LIVIN’ JOY (“Dreamer”), the global #1 hit solo singles “Sweetest Day of May” & “Earthbeat”, and her time as a contestant on 2018’s X-Factor UK, “Every Moment” was written at the height of the #METOO Movement about “taking back your power and not letting fear define you.” However, this powerful ballad with its rich vocal delivery and powerful blue-eyed soul began to evolve into Anthem that could apply to all people disenfranchised by not only sexual harassment & sexual abuse, but also homophobia, transphobia, and systemic racism.

Originally produced as an uplifting, soulful ballad in two parts (one by the Matt Consola & Aaron Altemose and a second by Larry Peace), eight additional dance mixes on two separate Dance EP’s dropped in August 2020 in order to spread this powerful message to the masses.