Russ Rich

Russ Rich is one of San Francisco’s most versatile DJs. Early on in his DJ career, he became known for his happy and uplifting vocal style. After several years spinning local bars and T-Dances, he graduated to headliner status, playing peak time sets at clubs like “Industry” at Mighty, “Hero” at Ruby Skye, and “Colossus” at 1015 Folsom.

In 2011, Russ won “San Francisco’s Next Top DJ” competition, and in 2013, he won a nationwide contest for Gay Internet Radio Live. That same year, Russ was named Resident DJ for PLAY T-Dance, held each year at Mezzanine following the Up Your Alley Street Fair. Recently, Russ began producing remixes with production partner Leo Frappier.  His recent original collaboration with DJ Phil B (“Insane”) became a #1 hit on Dance World Radio.