Lick Me Up (BILLBOARD #1 – 04/10/17)

  1. Tom Stephan Remix
  2. Tom Stephan Dub Mix
  3. Tony Moran & Dani Toro Club Mix
  4. Division 4 & Matt Consola Remix
  5. Lucius Lowe Lick The Funk Mix
  6. Tony Moran & Dani Toro Mixshow
  7. DJ Strobe Twisted Mix Full Extended Remix
  8. DJ Strobe Drum Intro Twisted Remix
  9. DJ Strobe Non Drum Intro MIXSHOW Twisted Remix
  10. Hector Fonseca & Eduardo Lujan Remix
  11. MSC Bounce Remix
  12. Tony Moran & Deep Influence Mix
  13. DJ Strobe Twisted Mix Full Extended Remix
  14. DJ Strobe Drum Intro Twisted Remix
  15. DJ Strobe Non Drum Intro MIXSHOW Twisted Remix
  16. Hector Fonseca & Eduardo Lujan Remix
  17. MSC Bounce Remix
  18. Dinaire+Bissen Remix
  19. Dinaire+Bissen Dub
  20. Rich B Enriched Club Mix
  21. Rich B Enriched Dub
  22. Enrry Senna Remix
  23. Oscar Velazquez Remix
  24. Tony's Soulbeats by Tony Smith & Mike Lorello
  25. Leomeo Ibiza Mix
  26. Dan De Leon Vocal Dub
  27. DJ Strobe Alternative Kick Mix
  28. Rich B Enriched Instrumental Mix


After strutting his way to two Billboard #1’s in a row for his tracks “So Happy” & “Say Yes” featuring Jason Walker, both taken from Tony Moran’s highly acclaimed double album, released September 2016, International DJ/Producers Tony Moran and Dani Toro releases the single “Lick Me Up,” a track a bit darker and more club oriented than Tony’s last two Billboard mainstream hits; and his first with Swishcraft Music. (Update) “Lick Me Up” became a Billboard #1 Dance Hit for the week of April 10th, 2017.

Once again teaming up with vocalist Zhana Roiya, “Lick Me Up” harkens back to Roiya’s days as the infamous club siren Inda Matrix, who’s string of dark, sexy and titillating hits like “Love Dominates (No Man Can Tame Me)” and “BodyFly,” as well as her Tony Moran penned hits “Waiting for Algeria” and “Leave It All Behind” (as Zhana Saunders) dominated the worlds hottest dance floors and ignited the charts. “Lick Me Up,” every bit as sultry and infectious, gets an arsenal of the worlds best remixers to interpret this track for Mainstream, Late Nite, Tribal, Deep House, Tech House, Nu-Disco & Retro 90’s House dance floors by such remix luminaries as Dinaire+BissenTom Stephan, Hector Fonseca & Eduardo Lujan, Leomeo, Enrry Senna, Enriched Records’s Rich B, DJ Strobe, Division 4 & Matt Consola, Lucius Lowe, Oscar Velazquez, Dan De Leon, Deep Influence, and MSC.

As “Lick Me Up” by Tony Moran & Dani Toro Ft. Zhana Roiya entered the Billboard Dance Charts at #37 with a bullet for the chart week of February 11th as the weeks Hot Shot Debut, and quickly shot to #25 for the upcoming chart week of February 18th,  and #20 for the week of the 25th. By the week of April 10th, “Lick Me Up” became Swishcraft’s first BILLBOARD #1 and the 4th #1 off the Tony Moran album, Moodswings.  Swishcraft Music & Mr Tan Man are excited to preview the complete set of Lick Me Up – Remixes. Being released over several weeks on four sets of EP’s and 4 VJ ready videos, “Lick Me Up” comes complete with a wide array of remixes by many of the worlds top tier remixers in genres spanning from Big Room House, EDM, Deep House, Tech House, Nu-Disco, Circuit & Tribal as well as Mainstream House and Late Night.