Dani Toro


dani-toro-logo-fondo-blanco-3Born in Valencia, and based in Bacerlona (Spain) and Milan (Italy) – Dani Toro is an artist that doesn’t fall under any labels, his music style is unique. His sets are always strong and very energetic, which borderline between Tribal House and Progressive, and blends it wellwith Mainstream House, delightning the most demanding crowd.


He has worked at he best Circuit European Clubs. Although his career started back in 1999, he had his major break in the Circuit Scene in 2009, by becoming one of the guest headliners for MADRID Pride 2009 – which took place at Vazquez de Mella square – where he played for a crowd of over 6000 people. Further more, the same night, he played at Madrid’s Iconic Party “HEAVEN” (Madrid Pride, 2009). Besides these 2 iconic European events, Dani has headlined (and become a regular) at the following Iconic world wide known Parties: WE Party (Madrid), Supermartxe (Milan), Heroes & Sexy & Wildwexel (Cologne), Block (Bologna), Circus (Vienna), Gayvillage & Muccassassina (Rome), Hustlaball and Beyond (London), Cafe Ole Space (Ibiza), A:M (London), Saturdays (Barcelona), The Farm (Milano), Muccassassina (Rome) Palais Mallot and Mix Club, (Paris), FunHouse (Amsterdam), XLSior (Mykonos), Icon club (Shangai), Papa Party (Guangzhou) and X studio, Black party Melbourne & Sydney Mardi grass at Ivy (Australia)

On top of that, he’s crossed over the pond, and has headlined the following Iconic Clubs in North and South America : Viva and Algeria Sunrise (NYC) Sanctuary / beatbox (San Francisco), Score (Miami), Club Royale (Boston), White Party Palm Springs (Palm springs), Winter Party (Miami), The Week (Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo), Flexx (Sao Paulo), ClubConcorde (Florianapolis), Disel (Brasilia), blackbox ( Curitiba), Supremacy (Belo Horizonte), Selection (Sao Paulo). As of today, Dani has stablished a residency at Europe’s XLSIOR Festival – which takes places at Mykonos.

bookings: danitorodj@gmail.com
bookings USA: dflmanagement@me.com