I Got A Feelin’ (2011 Deluxe Edition)

  1. Liam Keegan 2011 Main Club Mix
  2. Liam Keegan 2011 Darker Remix
  3. Tony Moran vs Ralphi Rosario Remix 2007
  4. Ralphi Rosario Big Room Mix 2007
  5. Blaine & Barona Big Room Mix
  6. Haarmeyer & Consola Original Big Room Anthem
  7. Matt Consola's Anthem Dub
  8. MarQus' "Can You Feel It" Vocal Dub
  9. DJ Neon Leon Sax Underground Mix
  10. Kostas Progressive Vocal Dub
  11. Kostas Progressive Instrumental Dub
  12. Zero-G's 2 Step Garage Mix
  13. Vibelicious Club Mix
  14. Haarmeyer & Consola Radio
  15. MarQus "Can You Feel It" Radio

In preparation for a Vicki Shepard Remix Anthology, 2011 remixes by Liam Keegan were released in very limited release to DJ’s and on just one European and one America digital store. In 2014, a Remix EP up updated classics will be released to support a complete Vicki Shepard Remix Anthology. Unlike the early 2000’s Greatest Hits, the Anthology will release every Vicki Shepard single, including many of the remixes and dubs that were either DJ promos only or had never been released in Digital format, including CD’s.