I Will Fly

  1. Extended Mix
  2. Wayne G & Porl Young Atlantis Mix
  3. 7th Heaven Club Mix
  4. ODD Phoenix Takeoff Mix
  5. Division 4 Remix
  6. DADDIES HOME! Club Mix
  7. Toy Armada Big Room Remix
  8. Jesus Montañez Big Room Mi

Wayne G and Porl Young are proud to present their debut single under their new guise, The Disko Katz. They have joined forces with the purr-fect Inaya Day for an original uplifting anthem to sing your hearts out to, be it on the dance floors, in your cars, in your showers, or walking down the street. It’s THAT much of a feel-good song. “We have never, in all our years had so many people asking what the song was we played at a certain party. We thank you all for your messages, your videos of us dropping it, and the love we have received from the crowds when playing it.”

A staple in both of their sets for some time, as well as a HUGE anthem on The Atlantis Cruises, the Original Mix which dropped March 19th, 2024 and as of writing this (July 1st) is currently #5 on the UK Dance Charts at New Music Weekly. Additional remixes by some of the world’s biggest names drop July 2nd (The UK Mixes) and July 9th 2024 (The Pop & Big Room Mixes).

Wayne went on to ask, “Please support independent artists and labels by purchasing the track legally or streaming it like crazy. We hope you all love it as much as we do.”

Special Thank you to Drm Sinclair for the awesome artwork.