Love Lift Me Up

  1. Dan Slater Big Room Remix
  2. Block & Crown Remix
  3. Matt Consola & Tommy Marcus: DADDIES HOME! Club
  4. Matt Consola & Tommy Marcus: DADDIES HOME! Dub
  5. Zantro Extended Mix

Stephen Jusko & DJ Blacklow are proud to announce the upcoming release of LOVE LIFT ME UP feat. Debby Holiday, a new PRIDE anthem coming in Summer 2023 on Swishcraft records!

Following the success of their recent covers of BELIEVE IT OR NOT, SHADOWS OF THE NIGHT, and THE WARRIOR, Jusko & Blacklow are finally releasing their first Original track together and are beyond honored to have the incomparably talented Debby Holiday join them on the project.

Written in collaboration with songwriter & vocalist Cameron Neilson, the dynamic trio set out to create an anthem that would resonate with queer audiences around the world at a time when LGBTQ issues are again under attack across our country.

“‘Love Lift Me Up’ is the kind of song I knew I could sink my emotions into because the words are what I stand for’,” says Holiday. “‘Embrace every color, shining brighter than ever’… Right now I can’t think of a better message to be sending out.”

Over a year in the making, LOVE LIFT ME UP is a dance floor track tailored for Pride celebrations around the world. In Texas alone, where Jusko resides, over 57 anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced in the past year in the state legislature. And, according to the ACLU, over 120 anti-LGBTQ bills have already been put forth across the U.S. in 2023. Blacklow’s decades of work in LGBTQ activism (including several years recently working for GLAAD) have always translated into his music. And now Blacklow, Jusko, Neilson, and Holiday have together created a song that sets out to counter the forces that seek to divide us by uniting our community through the power of music.

The Original Mix of LOVE LIFT ME UP will drop on June 2nd, along with remixes from Dan Slater, Block & Crown, Matt Consola & Tommy Marcus, and Brett Oosterhaus. The second remix package – which contains Jusko and Blacklow’s VIP House Mix – will drop on June 23rd (heading into the main Pride weekend in the US), along with remixes from Toy Armada, Larry Peace, and a disco remix from Slater.

LOVE LIFT ME UP is a cornerstone of Swishcraft’s Pride Month 2023 releases, alongside “Find A Way,” another dynamic new single from Debby Holiday & Dirty Disco, which dropped in May 2023.