Fight On (Parts 1 & 2)

  1. Extended Mix
  2. 7th Heaven Club Mix
  3. Dave Matthias Remix
  4. Dave Matthias Vocal Dub Remix
  5. Mel Merrett Club
  6. Brian Cua Tribal Rave Remix
  7. GSP Remix
  8. GSP Dub Mix
  9. Brett Brisbois Remix

RVT London Producer / DJ Cactushead (aka Ian Buchan) teams up with iconic London House vocalist Eddy Queens for an in-your-face, protest and empowerment club anthem that has already taken dance floors and festivals by storm when key Tastemaker DJs around the globe debuted the single New Year’s Eve at Iconic parties like BeefMince, Bearracuda, Daddy Issues, and White Party Bangkok.

“Fight On” is Cactushead’s call to arms for all those feeling overwhelmed by the daily clash of cultural, political, and emotional wars. “It’s an anthem of acknowledgment and empowerment”, explains Cactushead, “wrapped in a plea to find whatever inner strength you can in order to get through the day.”

For his debut authored track, Cactushead called on the incendiary talents of Eddy Queens. “Eddy’s story is incredible. She has been through it all and has come out fighting with a passion for life, a fascinating acting career, and an unforgettable voice,” Cactushead says, “and it’s her visceral take on the track which gives my message a level of authenticity I could only dream of”.

“Fight On” invites you to join a community of those who understand that there are no simple solutions – but where there is chaos, you may also find solidarity.

With an eclectic set of club remixes spread across two EPs, “Fight On” gets Disco House, Tech House, Circuit House, Deep House, and Big Room Remixes from industry heavy hitters and Remix Icons 7th Heaven, Dave Matthias, Brian Cua, GPS, Mel Merrett, and Brett Brisbois. “Fight On” is available everywhere music is sold or streamed.

Learn More About Eddy and her incredible story:

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