Mel Merrett

Mel Merrett is a British electronic dance music producer, composer & accomplished pianist.


At the age of 8, Mel was inspired and influenced by the evolving melodies and unique sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre’s music, famously ‘Oxygène’. Mel purchased a Roland Juno 2 synthesizer and began his journey into the world of electronic music. 
Mel spent his childhood demonstrating a natural talent playing the piano. He passed his ABRSM Grade 8 classical piano & continued a musical education at Goldsmith’s music college studying jazz composition, improvisation & blues piano for 3 years. He continued his musical education by studying writing music for TV & Film, Media, Orchestration & Harmony with Thinkspace Education.

CAREER 1980-2000

Mel set up a recording studio & released tracks under the name of ‘Melrob’ on the Primate Recordings label. He collaborated with artists, singers, and DJs releasing various 12′′ vinyl recordings.
 In 2008 he was signed to German label ODA who released his tracks ‘Esque’, & ‘Afrique’ on their label & multiple compilation albums.
 In 2009 his track ‘I Wish’ was signed to London-based Southern Lights Records.

In 2020, Mel set up dance label BPM-UK, releasing ‘House Lockdown’ as his debut track. It has an old-school house feel from the late ’80s with modern production. Other releases include ‘House Kid’ which pays tribute to Chicago House music from DJ Jack Jones’ UK viewpoint.