Coming Back

  1. Matt Consola + Las Bibas From Vizcaya Big Tea Dance Mix
  2. Las Bibas From Vizcaya Remix
  3. Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix
  4. Dirty Disco Houston Eagle House Remix
  5. Swishcraft Retro T-Dance 2011 Remix
  6. Matt Consola & Leo Frappier 2011 Club Mix
  7. Swishcraft Radio Edit


Originally released in 2011 by Matt Consola ft. Brenda Reed & Leo Frappier, this chart-topping cover of the 1997 DJ Dado club classic first got a PRIDE 2018 update courtesy Matt Consola & Las Bibas From Vizcaya. The package also included the two original 2011 Peak Hour and T-Dance productions by Matt Consola & Leo Frappier, with the Original 2011 Mixes found here. But due to the overwhelming success of the reboot,  two additional Dirty Disco remixes were commissioned. The Mainroom Mix is a Peak House club banger as only Dirty Disco does. The Houston Eagle House Mix takes Coming Back into Piano House territory, equally powerful for Peak Time floors as it would be for Tea Dance & Poolside dance floors.