I Can’t Go for That

  1. Club Mix (Remixes Part One)
  2. Rich B Enriched Club Mix (Remixes Part One)
  3. Division 4 & Matt Consola Extended Mix (Remixes Part One)
  4. Lee Harris Remix (Remixes Part One)
  5. Rich B Enriched Dub Mix (Remixes Part One)
  6. Dirty Disco Mainroom Remix (Remixes Part Two)
  7. Felipe Angel Remix (Remixes Part Two)
  8. Graxx & Kradd Remix (Remixes Part Two)
  9. Larry Peace Tribal Funk Mix (Remixes Part Two)
  10. Larry Peace Tribal Funk Mixshow (Remixes Part Two)
  11. Jerry Ropero Afro Tribalo Bomba Mix (Remixes Part Three)
  12. Gene King's 514-416 Mood Vocal Club Mix (Remixes Part Three)
  13. Suga Club Mix (Remixes Part Three)
  14. Vauxhall Boys Remix (Remixes Part Three)

London House Music pioneer and owner of Enriched Records, Rich B teams up with Tony Award Winning Actor,  Country Singer-Songwriter and piano man, Levi Kreis, for a dance floor update to the Hall & Oats classic “I Can’t Go For That.” Known for his electrifying charisma both onstage and off, Kreis brings a vocal swagger to this cover that will both charm you and electrify you. Combined with Rich B’s classic piano house style on the Original Mix, as well as his addictive beats and locomotive baseline on the Rich B Enriched Mix, “I Can’t Go For That” is set to be one of the summers biggest dance floor hits.

Released on Swishcraft Music in conjunction with Enriched Records in May 2018, a curated group of clubland’s biggest talent has been tapped to reinterpret this soon to be classic. With additional club remixes spread over three EP’s by Jerry Ropero, Dirty Disco, Lee Harris, Division 4 & Matt Consola, Gene King, Felipe Angel, Suga, Graxx & Kradd, The Vauxhall Boys, and Larry Peace, “I Can’t Go For That” has remixes for just about every dance floor.

Rich B ft Levi Kreis – “I Can’t Go for That” will be available across all digital platforms and streaming sites beginning May 11th 2018 with 5 promotional videos featuring the remixes Club Mix, Rich B Enriched Mix, Division 4 & Matt Consola, Dirty Disco, and Lee Harris. To hear all of the remixes now, click the links below to preview each upcoming EP.

Special thanks to Paul Norman of PNP (Paul Norman Productions) for his Video Editing and Additional Production. Visit the Paul Norman Productions Video site for these and many other major label remix videos at:  https://vimeo.com/user26155803

©2018 Swishcraft Music / Enriched Records


“I Can’t Go for That” (Part One) –    http://bit.ly/ICGFT1

“I Can’t Go for That” (Part Two) –    http://bit.ly/ICGFT02

“I Can’t Go for That” (Part Three) – http://bit.ly/ICGFT03