1. Somewhere (Paul Goodyear's Sunrise at The Saint Mix) 2014
  2. Somewhere (Original 12 Inch) 1989
  3. Somewhere (Echo Remix) 1989
  4. All I Ask Of You (Original 12 Inch) 1991
  5. All I Ask Of You (Chris Cox's Hot Tracks Remix) 1991
  6. Never In A Million Years (Original 12 Inch) 1991
  7. Never In A Million Years (Disco N Diva Remix) 1991
  8. Love Has Changed My Mind (3 Beat Remix) 1992
  9. Love Has Changed My Mind (Gianbras Mix) 1992
  10. Love Has Changed My Mind (NY Mix) 1992
  11. Let Me Take You Dancing (Original 12 Inch) 1992
  12. Hold On To My Love (Original 12 Inch) 1992
  13. Bring On The Boys [Rofos Theme] (Original 12 Inch) 1992
  14. Disco Inferno (12 Inch Mix) 1992
  15. Disco Inferno (House Inferno Mix) 1992
  16. Disco Inferno (12 Inch Alternative Mix) 1992
  17. Sex (Hot Tracks Remix) 1995 [DJ Promo Only]
  18. Sex (Sleazesisters Orgasm MIx) 1995
  19. Lets Whip It Up (Sleazesisters Anthem Mix) 1995
  20. All I Ask Of You 2000 (Haarmeyer & Consola Anthem 12 Inch) 2000
  21. All I Ask Of You (Spray n Dust Peak Hour Vocal Dub) 2001 [Vinyl Only Promo]
  22. All I Ask Of You (Spray n Dust Vocal Mix) 2001 [Vinyl Only Promo]
  23. I Got A Feelin' ft. Jeanie Tracy (Haarmeyer & Consola Original Circuit Anthem Mix) 2002
  24. I Got A Feelin' ft. Jeanie Tracy (MarQus Can You Feel It Vocal Dub) 2002
  25. I Got A Feelin' ft. Jeanie Tracy (Zero Gs 2 Step Garage Mix) 2002 [Vinyl Promo Only]
  26. Never In A Millon Years (Majic Birthday Cake Mix) 2002
  27. I Got A Feelin' '06 (Ralphi Roasrio Big Room Mix) 2006
  28. I Got A Feelin' '07 (Tony Moran vs Ralphi Rosario Remix) 2007
  29. Sex '11 (Liam Keegan Remix) 2011 [DJ Promo Only]
  30. I Got A Feelin' '11 ft. Jeanie Tracy (Liam Keegan Main Club Mix) 2011 [DJ Promo Only]
  31. I Got A Feelin' '11 ft. Jeanie Tracy (Liam Keegan Darker Remix) 2011 [DJ Promo Only]
  32. What Child is This (Jazz Holiday Version) 2012
  33. Long John Blues [Dr. Long John] 2012
  34. When Love Comes Calling (Matt Consola & LFB Swishcraft Anthem Mix) 2014
  35. When Love Comes Calling (Jose Spinnin Cortes Remix) 2014
  36. [bonus track] When Love Comes Calling 1999 [Demo - Unreleased]

Not many artists have a successful career that spans 25 years. But Vicki Shepard is not your average artist. Nineteen commercial single releases, Twelve of which hit #1 on club charts in more than 20 countries including the US, UK, Germany, Italy and Japan, while the others went Top 10. And 5 of those #1 hits were just in 1990/1991 alone. Two Greatest Hits albums, several Jazz, blues and holiday releases, and a #1 Holiday Single on the iTunes Holiday Singles charts. So it’s only fitting that after 25 years, a proper Vicki Shepard Anthology Album gets released.

Thirty-Six (36) tracks in all, Vicki Shepard – The Remix Anthology Edition for the first time, features every full length commercial Dance, Jazz and Holiday club release or single. These include a handful of early club releases only every released on vinyl, and offered here in remastered digital format for the first time. In addition to each Original 12” Mix, many DJ only promo mixes of each release are also being presented, many also for the first time in digital format. From her debut of “Somewhere” at the closing night of The Saint in New York City to her most recent club release ‘When Love Comes Calling” this is the definitive collection for fans and followers. The album also includes a special 2014 “Sunrise At The Saint” mix of “Somewhere” to kick off the album. Produced by Paul Goodyear, this 2014 ballad mix  uses the original vocal and pays homage to the debut of Vicki Shepard at the final night of New York’s famed Saint. The proceeding 34 tracks are in order of release from 1989 through 2014, and the album concluded with a rare 1999 demo of “When Love Comes Calling” that eventually became the foundation for Vicki’s 2014 release.

All 8 of Vicki’s classic UK High Energy Hits from “Somewhere”, “All I Ask of You”, “Never In A Million Years” and “Love Has Changed My Mind,  through “Let Me Take You Dancing”, “Hold On To My Love”, Bring on The Boys [Rofos Theme]” & “Disco Inferno” have had their Original 12″ mixes remastered for 2014 club play. Each single also features the year it was released, and the album is presented chronologically (with the exception of the new “Sunrise At The Saint” mix of “Somewhere” which kicks off the Anthology.)

To herald the release of the 36 track Vicki Shepard – The Remix Anthology, a special EP called The Classic Hits Remixed presents new remixes of classic #1 club hits. Working from the original vocals, Five of Vicki’s biggest hits have been remixed by Paul Goodyear, Jose Spinnin’ Cortes & Chris Stutz, Cristian Poow, Big Kid & Brian Cua and Liam Keegan.