1. Matt Consola, James Torres, & LFB Tribal Anthem Mix
  2. Matt Consola, James Torres, & LFB Cicada 3301 Tribal Dub
  3. Big Kid & Brian Cua Hunty Anthem
  4. Big Kid & Brian Cua Hunty Dub
  5. Jamie J Sanchez Club Mix
  6. Jamie J Sanchez Dub
  7. Eran Tubul Remix
  8. Eran Tubul Instrumental
  9. Big Kid & Brian Cua Hunty Radio
  10. Jamie J Sanchez Radio

Matt Consola & James Torres ft. Pollo Del Mar & LFB: “#WhiteLadyProblems” [Swishcraft Music]

Named “The (Drag) Queen of All Media” by The Huffington Post, Pollo Del Mar is a Bay Area celebutante, emcee, celebrity journalist, activist and recording artist. Her column “The Glamazon Diaries” was a staple in the San Francisco Bay Times newspaper. More recently, her “Name-Dropping with Pollo!” video-blog has been a popular feature in The Huffington Post. A tireless fundraiser for San Francisco’s LGBT community, Pollo keeps her finger on the pulse of pop culture but never loses track of her White Trash roots!

On the heals of her guest appearance on the Kwanza Jones #1 club hit “Made You Look” and her solo hit, comedic dance track “How Embarrassing,” San Francisco producers Matt Consola & James Torres tapped Del Mar to front their comedic bitch track, #WhiteLadyProblems. Calling out those “privileged bitches” as Del Mar labels them, #WLP’s is a bitch track with an ultimately positive message.

This classic NYC Vogue meets tribal production, features remixes & dubs by Big Kid & Brian Cua, Jamie J Sanchez, Eran Tabul and Matt Consola & James Torres ft. LFB.