Wave Crashing Down

  1. Extended
  2. Silverhook Remix
  3. Rafael M Progressive Vibe Remix
  4. Tommy Marcus & Matt Consola Present Daddies Home! Remix
  5. Tommy Marcus & Matt Consola Present Daddies Home! Vox Dub Mix
  6. Tommy Marcus & Matt Consola Present Daddies Home! Tough Dub
  7. Radio Edit
  8. Daddies Home! Radio Edit

Cactushead returns with a brilliant ’80s-inspired release that comes with additional tech house, disco house, progressive, and 80’s Tech mixes. When asked what the inspiration was for this more personal track, he replied:

“I wanted to talk about how it’s okay not to be okay. That sometimes, we just feel crushed, and that’s okay, and we’re not alone. There’s no twist, just a hug and the promise of a hug from someone who knows. Once the catchy refrain appeared in my head, I couldn’t stop humming and singing it, quickly realizing that this was a message that needed to be shared and that it felt right to treat it with an intense 80s swirl and vocals that are more everyman and relatable” He went on to explain, “This is the voice of an ordinary person, just like you, showing you the solidarity you need to help you through the day. If it lifts one person’s spirits for just a moment, then it has done its job.”