(it’s gonna be) Epic!

  1. Craig J. Extended Club
  2. Matt Consola Piano Tech Remix
  3. Luca Debonaire Club
  4. Edu Quintas Club
  5. GSP Remix
  6. Eddie Martinez Remix
  7. Eddie Martinez Backroom Dub
  8. Peter Napoli Remix
  9. Craig J. Mix Show

“Oh honey…THIS is gonna be Epic!” is one of the staple lines Inaya Day sings in her new dance song “(it’s gonna be) Epic!”And with that line in mind, the song’s journey began. “Epic” writer Theo Farserotis approached this legendary powerhouse singer, with endless Billboard hits and millions of streams, knowing her voice would do the song justice. And when they got in the studio together, magic happened! Not only was the end result fierce, fun and catchy, but also a wink to each person wanting to have “the time of your life”.

“(it’s gonna be) Epic!” started as an idea in Theo’s mind every time he’d plan an outing with his friends, when they’d all yell at each other “oh this is gonna be epic!!”, a line that was gaining popularity left and right, in various situations, and had a fun, exciting, and sometimes mischievous ring to it. “This line deserves to be a song!” Theo thought, and on a Saturday night, getting ready to head out with close friends, the lyrics started coming to mind: “Someone found out the world was round, not flat, and tonight is gonna be something like that…”. That night “(it’s gonna be) Epic!” was born, and getting Inaya Day to be part of this creation was key. Not only did she have the voice and the talent, but she “got” the song and its message and she made it fly. Watching her record was mesmerizing, and the collaboration was a dream come true. It was…epic!

And then…there were the producers of the remixes. 8 incredibly talented, popular artists put their individual signature on each remix, providing such diverse sounds: Matt Consola, Craig J Snider, Edu Quintas, GSP, Peter Napoli, Eddie Martinez, and Luca Debonaire took the song to another level. Each spiced it up with their unique touch, and once again, the end result was epic!

“(it’s gonna be) Epic!” is a song from someone’s mind who believes that enjoying life, time with friends, creating unique memories, loving, and being happy is what makes everything be epic!