Peter Napoli

Brooklyn-based DJ/Producer, Peter Napoli is an unstoppable force who has been igniting dance floors for over a decade. Known for his legendary parties at Santos Party House and around the U. S., he’s been growing an ambitious solo career billed alongside artists such as Roger Sanchez, Victor Calderone, Jamie Jones, and Blond:ish. Peter’s childhood was immersed in rhythm, setting the stage for his eventual success. His father, a renowned drummer, instilled in him from a young age an immense appreciation for all genres of music. This background has fueled Peter’s passion for music from an early age leading him to pursue a career in the field. Peter’s professional journey began in 2009 when he launched his DJ career in the vibrant and electric atmosphere of Mexico City. Since then, he has risen to prominence in the world of House music, captivating audiences with a unique sound and infectious beats. As his sound evolved, Peter found inspiration from House music legends such as Frankie Knuckles, Octave One, Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderone, and Peter Rauhofer. With each set, you’ll find a soulful, driving energy bridging the gaps between House, Techno, and Latin percussion. He has since developed a style that reflects the vibrant nightclub scene of New York’s past while incorporating fresh takes and an array of percussion that always keeps the crowd on their toes. His exceptional skills have taken him all over the world, with performances in South America, Spain, and Canada, as well as legendary sets at Burning Man. It’s a rare and magical experience to come across a DJ who possesses the innate ability to create an immersive and captivating atmosphere through their music. Peter Napoli is a one-of-a-kind artist who not only understands this skill but executes it with extraordinary precision, leaving his audience mesmerized and transported to another world.