Find A Way

  1. Dirty Disco Mainroom Mix
  2. Matt Consola Extended Remix
  3. Strobelight Club Mix
  4. Dave Matthias Remix
  5. Dave Matthias Deep Dub Remix

In a world fraught with Helplessness and Despair, Dirty Disco & Debby Holiday deliver a timeless anthem of Hope & Strength.


Combining two of the most established and hard-working dance artists around was only ever going to have one outcome, the creation of a timeless anthem that shines a light on the ills of society while offering hope, strength, and a reason to dance. Multi-Billboard #1 Remix Producer Mark DeLange (aka Dirty Disco) and 17-time Top 5 to Top 20 Billboard charting artist Debby Holiday’s friendship gleams as bright as their passion for music.  Having worked together for the last two decades, together the two have enjoyed Billboard, Festival, and Radio success with hits including “Imagination,” “Was hat All It Was,” “Lift,” “Music is My Way of Life,” and the holiday classic “Let It Snow”. Not to mention countless Dirty Disco Remixes on numerous Debby Holiday Top 20 Billboard hits including “Love & Beats,” “I Can’t Stand The Rain,” “Girl From The Gutter,” “A Love Bizarre,” and her next upcoming 2023 release “Love Life Me Up” with Stephen Jusko & DJ Blacklow. Their eccentric and varied musical backgrounds have had a huge impact on this highly anticipated release, which signifies and stands for a lot more than just a dance record.

Written by Holiday and writing partner Jeff Fedak, Holiday was inspired to write the track in late May of 2020 after the murder of George Floyd, an African-American man who was murdered by a police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest made after a store clerk suspected Floyd may have used a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill. As tensions in America were already mounting after the death of Breonna Taylor just two months earlier, and the world was in the grips of a global pandemic, hopelessness and despair seemed to be all around.

“The heart of Find A Way . . . It’s meant to just be … hope,” explains Holiday. “The desperation in the hearts of so many is palpable right now. You can feel this sense of helplessness. So I wanted a chant that people could sing that felt … GOOD to your soul.

Find A Way … the time is now – whatever it takes – Lift up your voice and … Find a way.” She goes on to say, “Sometimes even just a hint of hope is all we need to get us to that next step forward.”

Holiday approached DeLange and the two quickly produced a mammoth track complete with soaring synths and strings and sun-soaked chords that are topped with a hefty four-to-the-floor groove worthy of an Anthem meant to inspire soul-stirring optimism and the strength to fight back.

While the track was originally slated to be released in late 2022, as harmful and shameful anti-LGBTQAI legislation began to be passed across America, this anthem of strength and optimism began to take on a second meaning and it was decided that Find A Way would be Swishcraft Music’s cornerstone of releases for Pride Month 2023. Complete with additional Tech House, Mainstream, and Tea Dance remixes by Dave Matthias, Strobelight (aka Scotty K), and Matt Consola, Find A Way will quickly become a summer essential.

“Everyone deserves to live a joyful & free life – even if “some’ don’t understand you.” Says Holiday. “Writing songs about hope & strength & perseverance is one of the ways … I stand & speak up!”