Touch The Fire

  1. Big Room Mix
  2. Bruno Knauer Extended Mix
  3. Jace M & Mauro Mozart Remix
  4. The Perry Twins Mix
  5. Testone & Matt Consola Tech Remix
  6. Rafael M Sax Vibe Remix
  7. Matt Moss Tech Remix
  8. Rob Moore Remix

Coming off the back of a very successful string of releases in 2021, frequent collaborators Brett Oosterhaus & Kalia Medeiros team up on arguably their biggest tune to date, “Touch The Fire.” Already a Big Room floor filler, additional Big Room Mixes by Bruno Knauer as well as the teams of Jace M & Mauro Mozart, Rob Moore, and The Perry Twins take the track into the more elevated and euphoric territory. The Team of Testone & Matt Consola take the track on a funky baseline tech direction, while Matt Moss goes classic 90s Tech complete with throwback acidic rhythms. Rafael M takes the listener on a jazzy, sexy Nu-Disco direction complete with sultry saxophones and syncopated organs.