1. Milk Bar Remix Extended
  2. Nick Harvey Club
  3. Nick Harvey Dub
  4. Lucius Lowe Remix
  5. Johnny I. Remix
  6. Rafael M House Vibe Remix
  7. Club Remix
  8. Extended Mix

Headrocka teams up once again with Jozay Luis, this time for the achingly romantic track Echoes.  The HeadRocka Extended is an early evening classic house track with a pulsating baseline and classic 90’s piano keys. Like its accompanying music video, the track envelops you in mystery and yearning. The HeadRocka Club takes a decidedly more Disco-Funk direction with more sampled vocals, Rhodes Piano, live Saxophone, and a groovy kick sure to get butts gyrating on the dancefloor.

The club mixes kick off with Italy’s hottest production team, Milk Bar. Ranked #31 on the International list of the 101 Hottest Dance Producers, Milk Bar, whose remixes and solo singles like “Manhattan” consistently shoot to #1 on Beatport & Tracksource, dominating the House and Groove House charts, don’t disappoint as they provide a pulsating, ’90s meets 2020s groove house mix. Disco fans will plotz over the Lucius Lowe Remix with its disco groove, Congo drums, angelic strings, and rhythm guitar riffs. Completely changing gears, the Nick Harvey Club is peak tribal house at its best. But this is no cookie-cutter circuit mix. Layers of tribal rhythms give way to thoughtfully melodic pianos, soaring strings, and addictive vocal sampling. Longtime producer Rafael M (Rafael Mesa) offers his “Vibe” mix which is late-night house at its finest with its darker melodies which triggers memories of Murk and Strictly Rhythm late 90s, early 2000 classics.  Last but certainly not least, Johnny I, who is often known for a bigger circuit sound instead takes us on a late Sunday morning chill house journey. Like riding in the backseat with Chicane & Nora En Pure as the sun slowly rises above a warm ocean horizon, the Johnny I. Remix is the perfect poolside to early morning mix.