Jozay Luis

Born and raised on a council estate in London, UK Jozay Luis Oliveira, who friends call JoJo, started life as a child model and began singing at a young age. He attended numerous stage schools including Italian conti for which he won a scholarship after being spotted in a West End theatre. Although Jozay had great dreams and talent, his self-confidence, acceptance, and esteem were completely ravaged by years of intense abuse for simply not being “normal”. As he states, “It certainly stunted my growth and for a long time I didn’t want or know how to be alive.” He goes on to say, “Despite that, I’m incredibly thankful for the passion and pain I used to channel and craft the voice I have today. I’m gradually coming back to life and trying to understand the meanings of forgiveness and self-love.”

Jozay has gone on to work with such notary talents as Trillary Banks, Pixie Lott, Dreemz choir, Reed Bass, and HeadRocka. “I’m excited for what the future may hold and I can only hope that my music one day can be the healing escape that I myself so needed.”