My Tango Baby (feat Ashly Cruz)

  1. Giuseppe D. vs Silver Bluff Remix
  2. DADDIES HOME! Disco Mayhem Remix
  4. Rafael M Tech Remix
  5. OBTUS Remix
  6. Drew G Bassline Remix

Being the first artist he developed on his very first independent label, Hothead Recordings, Ashly Cruz approached Giuseppe with the idea of doing this take on the tango as well as creating a ballroom dance-oriented concept album.  “My Tango Baby” started it all and received unexpected attention at the time; being featured on “Regis and Kelly” with Kelly Ripa dancing to the original “My Tango Baby” with Bruno Tonioli, the flamboyant Italian judge from “Dancing with the Stars”.

Fast forward to 2024… with the advent of the newfound fame being attributed to TikTok dance videos, it seemed like the right time to release some of those choice cuts from that album and teaming up with Swishcraft to remix and release some great new dance mixes for the fiercest of dance floors.