In Honor of Diane Charlemagne

  1. MG Original Mix
  2. Matt Consola & LFB Swishcraft Anthem Mix
  3. Cristian Poow Club Mix
  4. DJ Pornstar Extended Club Mix

updated 10-25-215

It is with great sadness that I let you know that our Swishcraft Music & Sobel Entertainment family member, iconic singer / songwriter Diane Charlemagne, lost her year long battle with a rare form of cancer, on the morning of October 28th, 2015. She was survived by her daughter, Chantelle, and her family and friends.

It was an honor to release (and remix) this track for Diane & MG, as well as have it be the cornerstone to our first ever Swishcraft Music Pride Compilation. Please send your love, support & prayers to her family and friends in this time of need. We also invite you to visit her Swishcraft artist page and learn more about Diane’s over 80 amazing accomplishments, from her work with Moby, Goldie, 52nd Street & Dannii Minogue to her #1 singles as the voice of The Urban Cookie Collective – here [] – Thank you.

jazz-bk-sky-lrgoriginal release date: June 12 2012

republished Oct 25 2015