Go The Distance

  1. Club Mix
  2. RhythmDB Remix
  3. RhythmDB Dub
  4. Larry Peace Extended Mix
  5. GSP Remix
  6. Macau Extended Remix
  7. Brian Cua Club Remix

I vividly remember my first time hearing “Go The Distance”.  Disney had just released the animated feature of Hercules and Michael Bolton recorded an adult contemporary edit of the track to accompany the film’s soundtrack.  Alan Menkin is a master at composing incredibly catchy melodies and the opening fanfare of this song made such a dramatic impact, it stayed stuck in my head for weeks.   The lyrics of this song are remarkably uplifting.  Our present-day day news cycles can be so dreary & depressing, I knew I wanted to produce a big-room style remake of this song with its inspirational and positive message- with Pride celebrations and Summer tea dances in mind.  I’ve had the pleasure (and good fortune) of working with Toy Armada recently on a handful of other projects, and knew from the very beginning that I wanted to complete this project with him.  The chord progressions of this track are quite complex and dynamic.  Toy is a composer in his own right, and his signature sound of symphonic orchestral instrumentals layered with our house bass lines & drums are just ideal for this track.

I wanted the message of the song to be told with a female voice.  When I was discussing this project with a fellow producer friend of mine, the words I used when describing the vocal were “powerhouse” and able to “belt it out” in a soaring classic house style.  My friend said, “You know you just described Inaya, right?”  When Inaya Day agreed to sign on as our vocalist and co-producer, I was thrilled.  Her vocal talent is not only exactly what I was hoping for, the ad-libs that Inaya improvised in-studio are so perfect, they are as important to our finished project as the melody and instrumental.

I am very thankful for our remix partners that Swishcraft brought along with this project:  Brian Cua, GSP, Macau, Larry Peace, and RhythmDB, you are amazing and I’m proud to have finished this project with you.  Please enjoy our version of “Go The Distance”!