1. Disco Bitch (Club Mix)
  2. Disco Bitch (Solar City Groove Mix)
  3. Disco Bitch (Bruno Knauer Remix)
  4. Disco Bitch (Solar City Radio Edit)
  5. Disco Bitch (Club Instrumental)
  6. Disco Bitch (Solar City Instrumental)

Rafael Mesa spent years touring the circuit of the late ’80s and early 2000s as on one of LA’s hottest quadruple threats –  Producer, Artist, Store Owner, and Touring DJ. The Co-Owner of LA’s most prestigious DJ Dance store Prime Cuts Records in Hollywood from 1987 – 2002, Mesa stepped away to start LA indie label Fresh Music LA which quickly landed 4 releases on the Billboard Dance Top 10 including their first Billboard Dance #1 ‘Control Yourself’ by Erin Hamilton. As a Label Producer and major label Remix Producer, Mesa’s sound was thick, throbbing, and infectious peak hour house music that still had an essence of mainstream house.

Heralding a new chapter for Mesa as he prepares to drop several new releases in 2019,  “Disco Bitch” is sure to make an impact in the closing summer months. Showcasing his new style, a peak hour production style complete with Disco influences, lush textures with energetic overtones and a thumping baseline, ‘Disco Bitch” is sure to be the first of several new hits for Mesa.

If Mesa’s already disco-tinged original is not disco enough, Solar City presents a Groove Mix that turns the funk up to 11 complete with swirling strings, lush synths,  and did someone say, “I gotta have more cowbell?“  But if Big Room Progressive Tribal is more your scene, look no future than the floor quaking Bruno Knauer Remix. Heavy circuit tribal rhythms, stabbing synths, and throbbing baselines, the Bruno Knauer Remix will certainly raise the roof of any big room event.