One Year On

  1. Club Mix
  2. Extended Mix
  3. Larry Peace Extended Mix
  4. Larry Peace Dub
  5. Nick Bertossi Warehouse Vox Dub
  6. Brian Cua Big Room Club

Swishcraft Music is excited to announce our first release with the Manchester DJ & Producer Soul Revolver, and the iconic songstress, Isha D.

From his early days on the British & Irish club and festival circuit to his regular yearly appearances on Ibiza’s famous sunset strip venues like Savannah, Ibiza Rocks, and V Club Ibiza, Soul Revolver has made a name for himself as an innovative house producer with hit records on such iconic labels as Stripped Recordings, Baroque Records, Mirabilis Record, Digital Memory Music, and classic house label Cleveland City Records. His sound has almost been undefinable as he often fuses house, progressive and Balearic beats and melodies with hypnotic vibes and dirty, sexy, chugging baselines. With each release being an intricate piece in a larger melodic puzzle.

Fast forward to the track “One Year On” which explores how it would feel to lose someone you love and then possibly find them again. “One Year On” follows two lovers who spend a hellish year apart only to find their way back to each other with the realization that they should never have parted.

Often well known for her vocals on such iconic OMD hits as “Pandora’s Box” and “Sailing on the Seven Seas,” as well as Mr Peach’s “I Need Somebody,” it wasn’t long before Isha D and co-writer Phil Coxon scored big with their first Cleveland City underground hit “Stay Tonight.” Her vocals on the World of Shoes track “I Am Strong” caught the attention of Junior Vasquez who immediately remixed the track to include on his infamous “Twillo” album.

A huge fan of Isha D’s many classic 90’s tracks on Cleveland City Records, a label Soul Revolver was now a member of, while he thought it would be a big ask to get her on this single, he also felt that few vocalists could deliver what he was imagining. And once he heard the final vocal recordings, he knew he had something special. Combined with a smooth and sultry production that pulls in elements of mid 90’s and early 2000’s house, “One Year On” could easily be a crossover hit from the Lisa Stansfield era of powerful yet understated radio friendly house.

Three additional remixes have been included by Swishcraft Music. Las Vegas-based DJ, Producer Larry Peace pulls from his Minneapolis roots to deliver a mix and dub that is retro funk meets jackin’ house. Vancouver, British Columbia’s Nick Bertossi reinterprets the tracks as a peak hour Wearhouse track complete with latin horns, a chuggin’ baseline, and wild sax. Rounding off the package is a festival size remix by Big Room Producer and DJ, Brian Cua from Manila, Philippines. Expect to hear “One Year On” dominating dance floors all summer long.