Touch The Sky

  1. Touch the Sky (Original Mix)
  2. Touch The Sky (Barry Harris Mix)
  3. Touch the Sky (Raw Voltage Dub)
  4. Touch the Sky (Radio Edit)

Division 4 (Australia’s Robert Ladič) returns with his follow up to club floor groover Shake It. Touch The Sky is a decidedly smoother, pop radio friendly, yet still edgy vocal indy house track complete with infectious vocal hooks, heart pounding baselines,  rhythmic permissions and retro throwback keyboards. Producer & Remix icon, Barry Harris (of Thunderpuss fame) takes this original to Peak Time heights with progressive keyboard stabs, rollin’ pop tribal beats and pulsating baselines. Newcomer Raw Voltage, takes the track in a darker deep house meets tech house directions with sultry vocals, swirling keyboards, warm baselines, and an infectious handclap driven classic house beat.

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