Swishcraft Pride 2014 is Here!!!


Happy June Everyone!

And for most, it’s the kickoff to Pride Season around the globe. That is why I’m so excited that TODAY we see the release of Swishcraft Pride 2014, a 14 track, unmixed compilation with quite a few milestones on it. So where to begin . . .

DJ Barry Harris of the of the groundbreaking and award-wining remix team Thunderpuss, celebrates the 25th Anniversary of his #1 hit “I Beg Your Pardon (Rose Garden) by his band Kon Kan. Swishcraft was honored to be the first to remix and release one of the many remixes coming out over the summer, on various other labels as well. So you’ll get to hear the Matt Consola & LFB Club Mix. And later in the month we’ll release a three track EP with mixes by Division 4 [ Robert Ladič)] and The Monstrates [Cristian Poow]. And what is also exciting is this mix by Cristian Poow marks his official 100th remix for another label. An amazing milestone for someone so young.

DJ Wayne G & Shauna Jensen team up for the club cover of the classic, “Respect,” just in time for Pride. You get the exclusive Wayne G Atlantis Mix.

Kult Records approached us about putting our Swishcraft BOUNZ! sound on their chart topping Pop / R&B act that teams up the two powerhouse groups of The Housewives & California rapper LUCIOUZ. You get the debut of the Matt Consola & LFB BOUNZ! Remix of the track “Beautiful.”

International Superstar DJ Paul Goodyear teams up with our local San Francisco diva Caroline Lund to put their twist on the Olive classic Outlaw. Sure to be a Pride favorite.

Thirteen years after it made it debuted and shot to #1 on the club charts world wide, Vicki Shepard gets a 2014 Pride update to her classic “I Got A Feelin by none other than the team of Jose Spinnin Cortes & Chris Stutz. This will be the first of several updated classics to come off her 25th Anniversary Anthology Album out later this year that includes updated classics, all the remastered club hits and many hits never released digitally.

I could not be more excited that two powerhouse Remix Producers, Johnny Labs of House of Labs and Cristian Poow have both done exclusive Pride remixes for my current single “Let The Music Take Control” featuring Zhana Saunders. The House of Labs is a huge Peak Hour Circuit version while the Cristian Poow is a dark, tech house gem sure to pack any floor.

That brings us to a handful of Swishcraft & BOUNZ! remixes (produced by myself and Leo Frappier). While we were fortunate enough to be asked to remix other label releases in late 2013 & early 2014, not everyone always gets to hear what we do for other labels around the globe. So some of these you may know, others you may not. For many of you, this will be the first time you get to hear or purchase these versions. They include tracks for Barona & Bouvier featuring the always amazing Abigail Zsiga (of “Let The Joy Rise” & “If It Don’t Fit” fame) to name two of countless hits. We could not have been more excited to be part of their single “Surrender” with special thanks to Carrillo Music. Then there are mixes for Wayne G and another amazing Diva that needs no introduction, Debby Holiday ,with their update to her smash hit “Dive.” We did a BOUNZ! Nu-Disco Mix. The stunning, San Francisco based Gypsy Love blew up the charts with “Beautiful Thing,” a track that could not be more appropriate for any Pride season. We did a Swishcraft Big Room Anthem. We did a BOUNZ! Nu-Disco mix for Caroline Lund‘s “Come With Me.” We chose the DJ Big Kid & Brian Cua mix of #WhiteLadyProblems to represent our single with the bigger than life Pollo Del Mar and James Torres. No Swishcraft compilation would be complete without the big room, blue eyed soul of the vocal heart of Swishcraft Music, Brenda Reed and her amazing presence on “Dream of Me.” Finally, we round out this Pride compilation with our biggest Swishcraft single to date, Mars & Vans ft Adam Turner‘Amazing,’ that many of you in Europe, and especially in Germany, will know as the theme song to not one, but two Abercrombie & Fitch commercials and in-store videos.


01. Matt Consola ft. Zhana Saunders & LFB – Let The Music Take Control (House of Labs Club Mix)
02. Wayne G feat Shauna Jensen – Respect (Wayne G Atlantis Anthem)
03. Barry Harris presents Kon Kan – I Beg Your Pardon [Rose Garden] (Matt Consola & LFB Club Mix)
04. The Housewives vs Luciouz – Beautiful (Matt Consola & LFB BOUNZ! Mix)
05. Wayne G & Debby Holiday – Dive 2013 (Matt Consola & LFB BOUNZ! Mix)
06. Bouvier & Barona ft Abigail – Surrender (Matt Consola & LFB Swishcraft Remix)
07. Paul Goodyear featuring Caroline Lund – Outlaw (Vocal 12 Inch Mix)
08. Gypsy Love – Beautiful Thing (Matt Consola & LFB Swishcraft Remix)
09. Matt Consola ft. Brenda Reed & LFB – Dream of Me (Matt Consola & LFB Swishcraft Anthem Mix)
10. Mars and Vans ft. Adam Turner – Amazing (Matt Consola & LFB Swishcraft Anthem Mix)
11. Vicki Shepard – I Got A Feelin’ 2014 (Jose Spinnin Cortes & Chris Stutz Remix)
12. Matt Consola & James Torres – #WhiteLadyProblems [Feat. Pollo Del Mar & LFB] (Big Kid & Brian Cua Hunty Anthem)
13. Caroline Lund – Come With Me (Matt Consola & LFB Bounz Mix)
14. Matt Consola ft. Zhana Saunders & LFB – Let The Music Take Control (Cristian Poow Remix)

So there you have it. We hope you love it. We hope you dj’s play the new and older tracks. But most of all, we hope that when you listen to Swishcraft Pride 2014, it brings a warm and fuzzy Pride feeling to you, your friends and family. From all of us at Swishcraft & BOUNZ! Music, we wish you all an amazing Pride Season!

XXOO – Matt Consola