The New Swishcraft Website 2.0 Launch

Swishcraft Music & BOUNZ! Music is excited to announce the launch of 2.0. Thanks to web designer Hugo Baeta, the first phase of the new site has all kinds of fun bells & whistles making the site far more interactive than before.

Kicking off with the HOME PAGE, you’ll be able to see upcoming releases. Click on them to be taken to an interactive page about the release, including who will be remixing the project and links to the digital stores.  The RELEASE PAGE will not only allow you to get fun information about each release, and tons of live links to digital stores and streaming services around the globe, but each artist, producers and remixer’s name is clickable, taking you to an ARTIST PAGE (fan page) for each person. Find out everything you want to know about your favorite artist, producer or remixer, as well as tons of live links to all of their social media. Find out about their upcoming DJ dates, projects and more. The main artists released on Swishcraft or BOUNZ! releases will also be found on the ARTIST PAGE. Our NEWS PAGE is our ever growing blog of information, photos and events. Click on each news stories to find out the details of upcoming releases, events or just goings on behind the scenes at Swishcraft & BOUNZ! Music. We’ll be updating content regularly.

There are more additions to come, including the integration of our streaming Swishcraft Radio Show & Podcast. So check back for more developments.