We Are The Universe

  1. We Are The Universe (Extended Mix)
  2. We Are The Universe (Dubstramental Mix)
  3. We Are The Universe (Peak-Hour Club Mix)
  4. We Are The Universe (Radio Mix)

Iconic Dj & Producer of the Parisian gay scene best known for the groundbreaking clubs Scream, Finally, Butch, Le Grand Hôtel, Mix Tea Dance, Home Deluxe, Matinée Paris, Le Dépot. Tommy is also one of the most prolific producers in France with remixes and releases on Queen Music, EPride Music Digital, Pump Records, Enriched Records, Audio 4 Play, his own label RESOLUTION, and now Swishcraft; as well as various soundtracks for programs, advertisements, and fashion shows.

We Are The Universe is a peak time vocal pop house anthem with overtones of early 2000’s pop trance synths and percussions. An addition to the “Dubstramental Mix”, a “Peak-Hour Club Mix” is also provided that pumps up the peak-time baseline, bigger percussions and darker synth layers. With past hits like “Like I Used To,” “Freak,” “Alright,” “Feel The Beat,” “Fabulous,” “Sunshine,” “Dirty Boy,” “The Sweetest Sin,” and “Animal,” Tommy’s solo releases and remixes have topped all of the top digital music stores dance charts, streaming sites and where ever kick-ass dance music is sold!