PRIDE EAR CANDY! – – You Need This in Your Ear Hole!

San Francisco’s Premiere Dance Label, Swishcraft Music, returns with it’s yearly Gay Pride Compilation for 2016. But this time around, the album is a 18 track compilation that debuts a handful of unreleased, future Swishcraft releases from Division 4 & Swishcraft Ft. Emoni Washington, as well as 7 DJ-only, official mixes of Top 10 and #1 Billboard Dance Club Hits not previously available to the public for purchase. Such hits include Paris Hilton – “High Off My Love”, current Billboard smash hit Rilan Ft. Naz Tokio – “Blindfolds”, and a special Swishcraft exclusive 12” mix of Tony Moran’s – “The Promise” (Toy Armada & DJ GRIND 2016 Pride Mix – Full 12″).

Track Listing:

01.   Toy Armada & DJ GRIND Ft. Inaya Day– One Night In Heaven (Original Edit)
02.   Tony Moran – The Promise  (Toy Armada & DJ GRIND 2016 Pride Mix)  **
03.   Division 4 – Touch The Sky (Barry Harris Edit)  **
04.   Swishcraft Ft. Emoni Washington – My Heart Beats Faster (Rich B Enriched Edit)  **
05.   Toy Armada & DJ GRIND Ft. Jason Walker – St. Elmos Fire [Man in Motion] (Rich B Enriched Edit)
06.   Joe Gauthreaux Ft Abigail – February [Our Last Kiss] (Rich B Enriched Edit)
07.   Groove Addix Ft Lady Bunny – Lately (Nik Denton Remix Edit)  **
08.   Rilan Ft. Naz Tokio – Blindfolds (Division 4 & Matt Consola Edit)  **
09.   Matt Consola Ft. Brenda Reed – Midnight (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation & H3DRush 2016 Mix)  **
10.   Paris Hilton – High Off My Love (Division 4 & Matt Consola Mix-Show Edit)  **
11.   Bit Error & Country Club Martini Crew Ft. Inaya Day – Do What We Do (Barry Harris Edit)
12.   Temporary Hero – Ashamed (Rich B Enriched Edit)
13.   Dirty Disco Ft. Inaya Day – Stranded (Division 4 & Matt Consola Edit)
14.   Matt Consola Ft. Zhana Saunders – Let the Music Take Control (Wayne G & Leo Frappier Edit)
15.   Craig C. & Paco G. Ft. Svrcina – We Can Change (Matt Consola & Leo Frappier Anthem Edit)
16.   Philip Grasso & Russ Rich Ft Debby Holiday & Leo Frappier – Love On My Mind (Original Edit)
17.   Raquela – Summertime (Paul Goodyear Edit)
18.   Abigail Ft. Toy Armada & DJ GRIND – Let the Joy Rise (Sven Kirchhof Edit)

** denotes tracks never before available for purchase.

Special thanks to all of our label friends that allowed us to license or use various tracks on this compilations including Orlando Puerta & Maria Marquez @ Citrusonic, Dirty Disco team, Tony Moran, Paris Hilton, Rilan & Naz Tokio, Rich B @ Enriched Records London, Division 4, Russ Rich, Philip Grasso, Debby Holiday & Leo Frappier, Raquela Singer, Tweaka Turner & Pearl Teese, Troy Bronstein, Andrew Zsigmond, and of course, The Baby Jebus. Rock on, Sweet Baby Jebus!
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