SHINY (Virginie Behem) is a singer with amazing talent based in Vence, France. Her signature is an impeccable vocal technique and a soul, awash in rich warm color that was and is constantly influenced by R&B, Soul, and other forms of classic black music. She walked the stage of some of the most prestigious venues in Europe and overseas. From the Sass Café Monaco where she is one of the resident singers, but also the Byblos in St.Tropez, Nuba in Bucarest, Barcelona, New York, to name but a few.

Her successful career has been boosted by important collaborations on an international level. She had the pleasure to work with some of the most reputed DJ’s & labels as Gotta Records, Gabin Noguera and the French performer Gilbert Montagné as a chorus singer during their European tours. Shiny continued her vocal career while expanding her skills as a music teacher in the Shiny Gospel choir of Nice. Her unique touch is a strong presence, versatility and a great personality.