Seth Cooper


The passion that Seth has, is expressed by the music that is played at his events worldwide. His dance floors welcome diversity and inclusion for people who love to dance. The experience that this creates is fun, unique and uplifting, driven by high-energy vocals and hard to find releases.

As the recipient of many awards such as “#1 Up and Coming DJ”, “Best DJ/Remixer/Producer”, and “Best Circuit Tour”, Seth continues to wow his audience as he evolves across the international stage. Seth has headlined Pacha (Brazil), White Party (Miami), Ascension (Fire Island), Joining Hearts (Atlanta), Gay Days (Orlando), Wonder World (Orlando), Splash Days (Austin), Jungle (Houston), Halloween 26 (New Orleans), and throughout other parties, clubs, and pride events across the U.S., Canada, Brazil, and China.

Seth’s discography launched with the Splash Days Vol. 1 compilation by Centaur Music and was followed by original productions, “Bollywood,” “Feel The Rhythm,” and “Light Me Up.” “Feel The Rhythm” peaked at #5 on with Joe Gauthreaux’s remix which was used as the music behind the hot and steamy YouTube trailer promoting the S.F. Folsom Magnitude party in 2011 while the remix from Bryan Reyes enjoyed some serious airplay on SiriusXM’s Electric Area. Seth’s had the opportunity to remix artists Andrea Love, Kynt, Ernest Kohl, K-POFF, and Joa and working in collaboration with Trypsin, Bryan Reyes, and The Popstar.


Based out of Chicago, Seth is also the driver behind Greenlink Music, a privately owned music label producing high quality, energetic, and unique productions while promoting new talent within the dance music industry. Releases can be purchased on Beatport, iTunes, and through many other digital retailers.

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