Pumpkin Spice

Dj Pumpkin Spice (aka Griffin Longstreth) hails from San Francisco.

Breaking into the scene quicker than Matthew McConaughey’s shirt comes off, Pumpkin Spice is here to have a good time! After just a few months he has already worked with many top parties and organizations in San Francisco such as FORCE, Glamcocks, and Electroluxx.

Pumpkin Spice’s style is always upbeat and fun! With musical tastes that range from Disco to Circuit, he is sure to provide the flavor to make any event a blast! Pumpkin Spice’s entire life has revolved around music. From choir to wind ensemble to his love affair with piano, he brings to the table a quality that is rare nowadays, thoughtfulness. Everything he does on the dance floor is a part of a journey, an adventure, a story. The DJ’s primary goal is to entertain, and this DJ uses the ancient art of storytelling to entertain his crowds. However, traditional storytelling uses words to convey meaning to the crowd. Pumpkin Spice goes deeper than that. Instead of words, he uses music, and instead of meaning, it’s the emotion the crowd will feel. The beauty of emotion is powerful and raw and exactly what Pumpkin Spice wants to share with all.