Kiril Melkonov

Kiril Melkonov was born in 1988, in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, but moved to Varna, Bulgaria in 1989. In 2007, Kiril had his first encounter with underground electronic music and immediately, he was blown away. By 2009, Kiril decided to invest in his own DJ equipment to pursue his passion for mixing music. Keeping his roots and attraction towards Hip-hop and R&B, his favorite underground music genres include Tech-house, Minimal, and Techno. A staple in the Varna (Bulgaria) club scene, playing clubs like La Playa, Comics Club, El Gordo, and AJ Club, in 2012 Kiril headlined the FUNCITY FESTIVAL (Varna, Bulgaria) which launched him into the international spotlight leading to regular appearances on dance radio including Radio Bravo, a show specifically about about electronic dance music.

A favorite of the international Tech House scene, Kiril exploded on the production scene in 2016 with Beatport Tech House charting releases on Sleepy Records including “Followed You,” “Sure Friend” and “Donuts.” Kiril was quickly picked up by Tech House labels LW Recordings, MusicXpolsion, Guinness Records, Antarctic, South London, Techosforza, Eastern Disco, Blanc Stone, Duo Box and Future Sonic Media where his December 2017 hit “Out For Baby” still tops Beatport charts and tracks like “Rotatario” has been included on Tech House compilations such as Future Sonic Media’s TECH HOUSE ATMOSPHERES.

Кирил Мелконов който е роден през 1988 г. в Запорожие, държава – Украйна. 1989 Той се премести в страна, Варна – България. Неговите любими ъндърграунд музикални жанрове са – тек хаус – минимално – техно.През 2012 г. той е бил най-влиятелният ДЖ в Funcity Festival Варна България по време на фестивалния ден.Пускал е в някои от клубовете във Варна като : [[ La Playa ]] [[ Comics club ]] [[ El Gordo ]] [[ Aj club ]] [[Palm Beach]] [[Incognito]] [[Cuba Bar]] [[Egoist]] [[Bar Musai – Sunny Beach]] , през 2013 г. за няколко месеца да работи като Dj в Radio Station Radio Bravo – домакин на шоу за електронна музика.