Gypsy Love

A purely enchanting Singer/Songwriter/Bellydancer and Stargazer, Gypsy Love makes magic wherever she goes. Growing up, her musical influences spanned the spectrum from soulful funk and classic rock to world fusion, hip-hop, and disco. A native San Franciscan, Gypsy Love drew endless inspiration from the city’s diverse artistic electricity — especially in the SOMA district during the height of San Francisco’s underground House music scene. Over time, Gypsy Love created her own unique sound — where Disco Funk meets World Fusion. Classically trained in the art of Middle Eastern Bellydance, Gypsy Love sings and dances throughout the SF Bay Area and beyond, fusing Western and Eastern music & dance styles in the name of Love. Gypsy Love is a gay club fan favorite and a widely acclaimed performer among World Dance music’s premier DJs, venues, and live musicians.

Gypsy Love enchants listeners with “Beautiful Thing” – her uplifting new single and third release with Hit Save Music. With its infectious melody, soulful vocals, and stellar selection of remixes to satisfy all Dance and Pop genres, the “Beautiful Thing” single showcases the makings of a sure-fire smash hit.

Gypsy Love takes dancers on a ride of aural fascination with “Gypsy of Love,” her third EP and second single with Hit Save Music label and producer Leo Frappier. The much anticipated follow-up to her explosive club hit “Wish” (Hit Save Music October 2011), “Gypsy of Love” is a high energy disco ballad that fuses Gypsy Love’s signature global rhythms with her soulful R&B roots.

Gypsy Love also joined forces with Hit Save Music for her recent release, “Wish” – a modern global take on the quintessential “flower-power” epitomized by Gypsy Love’s native home of San Francisco. Energized by dance music producer Leo Frappier’s innovative house music production as LFB, and woven with live musical influences from around the world, “Wish” is an uplifting dance club anthem whose hip-shaking beat, international appeal, and heartfelt message perfectly represents this captivating artist.

In her EP entitled “Gypsy” and released by the Temple Music Group, Gypsy Love combines San Francisco’s classic house sensibilities with soulful disco and world music genres from around the globe. She teams up with radio’s DJ Trevor Simpson, along with the production talents of Temple Music Group’s Ben Tom & Jay Williams, to deliver the fun and the funkier side of San Francisco house music.

Gypsy Love’s exotic energy is mesmerizing, and she shares her talents with joy and enthusiasm. A passionate community activist, Gypsy Love raises funding and awareness for several local organizations that promote health and happiness throughout the San Francisco community, including: Castro After Dark, Special Needs Arts Program (S.N.A.P.), The House of Garza, Hot n’ Healthy, San Francisco Women Against Rape, Stop the Violence, Real Options for City Kids (ROCK), and San Francisco HIV Research & Prevention…

Gypsy Love’s songs make us want to smile and dance, and her exhilarating performances leave us spellbound. In addition to her glowing presence in the nightlife community, Gypsy Love has dazzled audiences at internationally attended events such as: San Francisco LGBT Pride, Oakland Pride, Castro Street Fair, and LovEvolution, to name just a few. Come experience Gypsy – you will surely feel the Love!