Erick Ibiza

Erick Ibiza
International DJ | Musician | Music Maker.

If we speak of a power in the Mexican electronic music, it is of Erick Ibiza …
A musician who always stays true to his roots, making a mixture of
Progressive, tech, and tribal house, adding and keeping here the touch of the old school.

His unique sound, which has characterized and distinguished him, has led him to place himself among the first division producers worldwide.
Being today an official remixer of artists like;

Donna Summer, Rihanna, SZA, U2, Anguun, Tony Braxton, Suzanne Palmer, Rosabel, Ralphi Rosario, Rob Thomas, Kendra Erika, Marc Stout & Jessica Sutta
Nile Rodgers, Tony Moran, Kimberly Davis, Bleona, Chris Cox, Lee Dagger, Ollie James, LG Guena, Ice Mc, Danny Verde, Eddie Martinez ,Hector Fonseca
Anna Buckley, Sagi kariv, among others …

Proudly Mexican artist who has been part of the prestigious list of the top 50 of the Billboard dance chart!

With official remixes for already mentioned artists.
Donna Summer – Hot Stuff (Ralphi Rosario And Erick Ibiza 2018 Rework) # 01 BILLBOARD DANCE CHART!
Complete note;…club-songs-chart

Currently working on original collaborations with great artists and producers, such as; Raphi Rosario, Tom Stephan, Alain Jackinsky, Sagi Kariv,Tony Moran,
Isaac Escalante, Jose Spinnin Cortes, Isak Salazar & Danny Mart.

He has performed since 15 years in various prestigious clubs and productions.
Until today, become the main star and headliner dj of the best parties, brands, and clubs around the world.
Currently debuting in the first countries of a great list like; Tokyo (Japan) Seoul (South Korea) Chile (Santiago de Chile) Bogota (Colombia) Bangkok (Thailand).

Mexican brands;
Karmabeat, VD + DanceFloor, Lving, Jubileo, Babel Club, Dance Room 433.

International brands;
Song Kran 2019 (Bangkok, Thailand) H1 CIRCUIT (Seoul. Korea) VITA (Tokyo, Japan) ZION (Santiago de Chile) RUMORS (Bogota, Colombia)SCANDAL Party (Tokyo, Japan) HIM Club (Seoul, South Korea)