Chris Brogan

To succeed in the music industry and DJ scene of today is no simple task, which is why the critical success and innovative reputation of Chris Brogan is so impressive. With their complex arrangements, uniquely layered melodies, and catchy rhythms, wherever Chris Brogan is on the decks, there’s guaranteed to be a good time.

Chris has been a regular guest across both gay and straight scenes having played for the big players over the years: Defected, Hed Kandi, The Gallery, Fabric, and a year residency at Ministry of Sound. He has also a few clubs hits under his belt with tracks signed to star labels such as Let There Be House, Whorehouse, and One Fold Reconds. His sound is a mix of a dash of disco, a sprinkle of tech, and a whole lot of house.

With previous residencies from Ministry of Sound, Fire, and Pulse/Bankside vaults, Chris has been spinning at Brighton, London, and Manchester Pride as well as a regular guest on the Brighton scene.