Abigail (Zsiga)

Abigail (full name Abigail Zsiga) is a Hi-NRG dance music singer under the name Abigail and a Singer Songwriter  under the name Abigail Zsiga,  born in Sankey, Warrington, United Kingdom (England). She began her career with the song, “I Feel You”, released in 1992. Since “Could It Be Magic” hit the #1 slot on the British NRG chart, she has been a mainstay on the Hi-NRG Chart as well as the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart.

Abigial Zsiga is a british born artist who started her career in 1992 when Abigail was featured on the Love Decade’s song “I Feel You”. She was billed as just ‘Gail. This was released by All Around the World Records. It peeked at #29 on the UK Top 40 Charts. So she signed with Klone Records and released her take on Barry Manilow’s “Could It Be Magic”. It reached #1 on the UK’s NRG Chart. After this huge success, she released her take on K.D. Lang’s “Constant Craving.” This too reached #1, but it hit Internation Dance Music Authority’s Hi-NRG charts. Next, she released her take on R.E.M.’s “Losing My Religion” (one of my favorites), and it reached ten countries and establish Abigail as a Hi-NRG artist. Next, to continue with her covers theme, she released her take on Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which reached #29 on the UK charts and #2 on the Dance Music Authority’s Hi-NRG chart. Next Abigail released an original song called “Don’t Tell Me Why” which is from her debut album “Feel Good”. “Feel Good” featured six original songs and her pervious singles.

Abigail was invited to the Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL in 1994 where she won “Best Female Vocal Performance” and “Artist of the Year”. As well as being nominated for seven other awards. After which she released “Nightmoves” with Band of Gypsies in 1996. It was availabe in the European market. Aftwards she took some time off to have her first child, Ilana.

Then when she was ready to jump back into the music scene, she signed with Interhit records and collaborated with Thunderpuss (Chris Cox and Barry Harris) and produced “Let the Joy Rise.” It was co-written by Janice Robinson. It reached #9 on the Billboard Club Play Charts. This is Abigail first peek on the Billboard Charts. It received limited release. Unfortuantly Interhit folded. Abigail was stranded. Next, Abigial was signed to Strictly Rhythm Records (but for some reason it’s marked as Groovilicious Music on the CD) and again worked with Thunderpuss and created the Billboard Club Play Chart’s #1 hit, “If It Don’t Fit.” It was an instant club hit. This is the first song I heard by Abigail. I heard it at Pegasus, at popular gay club in Pittsburgh, Pa.) I fell it love with Abigail’s music. With additional remixes done by Eric Kupper and Mike Maculso. Next, Abigail released “You Set Me Free” in 2001. The song was written by Abigail and Joe Carrano. Andrew Wedeen and Frank Lamboy of Andy & the Lamboy and with additional mixes by Mindtrap.

After Strictly Rhythm also folded in a swathe of download-driven label collapses, Abigail self-released her next track – “Falling” – which has mixes by Joe Carrano (WelcomeWax Productions), Nic Mercy & Moz Morris (U.K.). A custom mix was produced by “Ultimix”.  This release is a self-financed and managed project by Abigail’s own production company, Eden Music.

Next DJ Donut produced her next song, “Songbird” which appears on her new adult contemporary type of music “Home…again.” It features 10 new tracks. It also features a slowed down version of Let the Joy Rise. Sometime before the release of this album, Abigail gave birth to her second child, Ana.

Her last single was a featured vocal on the 10 Monkeys production, “Lay Down”, co-written by Abigail and Josh Harris reaching #9 on the Billboard Club Play Chart with mixes by Hex Hector, Tracy Young and Josh Harris.

Her 2010 album, Be Still My Soul, is a collection of hymns including “Amazing Grace“, “How Great Thou Art” and “Be Still My Soul“. In 2012, Abigail, who donates her time and performance each year for Donna Sachet’s Songs of The Season event in San Francisco, annually held at the infamous Jazz venue,  The Razz Room (Hotel Nikko), also took part in the first Songs of The Season album, produced by Matt Consola & LFB and released on Swishcraft Music. 100% of the proceeds go to benefit AEF (The AIDS Emergency Fund of San Francisco). On the album, Abigail donated the tracks ‘Home Again’ and a vocal and piano reprise version of her #1 hit, “Let The Joy Rise.” In 2013, she made a return to the dance scene with “Surrender” ( by Bouvier & Barona featuring Abigail) after a brief hiatus. The track soared up the Billboard dance charts landing in the Top 5. Abigail is also a supporter of the international human rights organization, Love146.

2015 marks the 15th Anniversary of the release and #1 chart success of “Let The Joy Rise.” To celebrate it’s anniversary producers DJ GRIND and Toy Armada approached Abigail to record a new vocal and release the anniversary project in time for the 2015 White Party in Palm Spring where the producers will also be headlining. Complete with a amazing set of modern interpretive remixes, the project includes remixes by original Thunderpuss co-founder Barry Harris, Enriched Records’ (London) Rich B, Canada’s Nick Bertossi, Mexico’s Danny Mart, and the production teams of Division 4 & Matt Consola, Steve Sherwood & Leo Frappier, Spain’s Luque & Thiago, and a 2015 Original Mix by Toy Armada & DJ GRIND.