PROUD (Parts 1, 2, 3 & Single)

                    In May of 2000, former M-People lead singer Heather Small released the now iconic single “Proud” that quickly solidified itself as the quintessential Pride Anthem of a new generation, as well as an inspirational theme for organizations and causes around the globe. Co-written and produced […]

Are You Ready?

“Yeeoww! From the dark, dank Manchester backstreets comes one hot feline but there are no red bows on this kitty – Hot, thumping tech house beats, acid bass and growling leads are this midnight prowler’s cat calls! An additional Deep Spaced Remix purrs with deep hard electro house beats and spaced out leads.  Claws out […]

So Strong

Madrid’s Anthony May is a talent producer, DJ, and songwriter who blurs the lines between big room circuit and electronic dance music always striving to create the music of tomorrow. Like his set made famous throughout Madrid, Barcelona, Dubai, Lisbon, Tel Aviv,  London, Rio de Janeiro, Ibiza, Miami, Hamburg, Dublin, Paris, and Milan, May injects […]

We Are The Universe

Iconic Dj & Producer of the Parisian gay scene best known for the groundbreaking clubs Scream, Finally, Butch, Le Grand Hôtel, Mix Tea Dance, Home Deluxe, Matinée Paris, Le Dépot. Tommy is also one of the most prolific producers in France with remixes and releases on Queen Music, EPride Music Digital, Pump Records, Enriched Records, […]

This Is Not A Test

Mexico’s Alan Capetillo descends on Swishcraft Music dropping the red-hot single “This is Not A Test.” Staying true to the explosive Tribal Circuit sound that has made him one Latin America’s hottest triple threats, DJ / Producer / Remixer, Capetillo ignites the dance floor with heart-pounding beats, rhythmic synth stabs, infectious percussion, and a mesmerizing […]

DIVADRAG (USA Remixes 1 & 2)

Brazil’s Drag Diva DJ herself, Las Bibas From Vizcaya, teams up with the incomparable Cdamore for a Big Room extravaganza aptly called, “DIVADRAG.” An autobiographical track written and produced by Las Bibas From Vizcaya, and featuring additional vocals by Cdamore, “DIVADRAG” is already a huge release in the clubs of Brazil & Europe and has […]

Dreamer (Part Two)

“They used 2 laugh at me…” Lula explains in her latest smash hit, Dreamer. Well, they ain’t laughing anymore. Whether it’s in the underground clubs or on the epic dance floors of White Parties, Mardi Gras and Gay Prides the world over, Lula constantly redefines club culture as her fans wait with baited breathe. Just […]

Dreamer (Part 1)

Produced by Cajjmere Wray It’s been said that LULA needs no introduction to the world of the underground. And that’s true since for two decades she’s helped define and reshape it from the inside out. From the moment she crawled into the speakers at the legendary Twilo and began to entrance us with her vocals […]

Let Me See You Dance (Clap Your Hands)

Taking their name from the famed Parisienne cabaret, Chat Noir is the cosmic intersection of two dance music auteurs, Australia’s Erik Veland (aka GenErik) and Mitch Medcalf (aka Galleon) who together prove once again that the sum is greater than the parts. The result is a nu-disco explosion with a decidedly underground Euro essence. Complimenting […]

Uninvited (Remixes)

Steven Redant & Danny Verde present Bent Collective – Uninvited (Part 2) “Uninvited,” the Remixes, follows the success of the pair’s Original Big Room & JimJam Tech House Remix released earlier this summer on Swishcraft. With additional Tech House, Progressive, Circuit / Tribal, and Late Night remixes by Dirty Disco, Oscar Velasquez, GSP and MSC, […]