Katherine Ellis is one of the most respected and versatile vocalists and topline writers in the industry today. With an impressive vast catalogue including the chart-topping club hits ‘When You Touch Me’ and ‘Tears’ with the Freemasons, ‘Lost’ by Roger Sanchez and ‘Dreaming’ by The Ruff Driverz, as well as ‘Love U More’ by Oxford […]

DIVADRAG (USA Remixes 1 & 2)

Brazil’s Drag Diva DJ herself, Las Bibas From Vizcaya, teams up with the incomparable Cdamore for a Big Room extravaganza aptly called, “DIVADRAG.” An autobiographical track written and produced by Las Bibas From Vizcaya, and featuring additional vocals by Cdamore, “DIVADRAG” is already a huge release in the clubs of Brazil & Europe and has […]

Coming Back

  Originally released in 2011 by Matt Consola ft. Brenda Reed & Leo Frappier, this chart-topping cover of the 1997 DJ Dado club classic first got a PRIDE 2018 update courtesy Matt Consola & Las Bibas From Vizcaya. The package also included the two original 2011 Peak Hour and T-Dance productions by Matt Consola & […]

Girl From The Gutter

Relatively new on the scene as a solo artist/producer, Brett Oosterhaus is no newcomer to the world of music. A successful touring club DJ based out of New York City, Oosterhaus first popped up as a Producer on the 2016’s George Figares & DJ Blacklow ft Brenda Reed release “To Be Able To Love”  club […]

U Sexy Mutha U ft. Zhana Roiya (Parts 1-3)

Zhana Roiya Gets Dirty on the Dancefloor with “U Sexy Mutha U”, The Follow-Up to Her Billboard #1 Zhana Roiya returns to the dance floor with “U Sexy Mutha U,” the follow-up to last summer’s “Lick Me Up,” her #1 Billboard smash produced by Tony Moran and Dani Toro. Written and produced by Barry Huffine […]

Dreamer (Part 1)

Produced by Cajjmere Wray It’s been said that LULA needs no introduction to the world of the underground. And that’s true since for two decades she’s helped define and reshape it from the inside out. From the moment she crawled into the speakers at the legendary Twilo and began to entrance us with her vocals […]

A Love Bizarre (Part Two)

REMIXES BY LARRY PEACE • DIRTY DISCO • FABIO CAMPOS & ALBERTO PONZO • HANDBAG HOUSE • MAX GRANDON San Francisco-based house DJ Russ Rich was born and raised in Minnesota and has been a life-long Prince fan, even working at Paisley Park Studios for two years in the mid-90s. “I grew up listening to […]

Uninvited (Remixes)

Steven Redant & Danny Verde present Bent Collective – Uninvited (Part 2) “Uninvited,” the Remixes, follows the success of the pair’s Original Big Room & JimJam Tech House Remix released earlier this summer on Swishcraft. With additional Tech House, Progressive, Circuit / Tribal, and Late Night remixes by Dirty Disco, Oscar Velasquez, GSP and MSC, […]

Pout [Push Your Lips Out]

A musical commentary on the obsessions of selfies and the social media-driven world of reality television, Joe Moda’s debut single ’Pout (Push Your Lips Out)’ speaks to how social media is now today’s new mirror. However, the self-generated image is a skewed one at best. Co-produced by New York hitmaker Mr. Migs (Steve Migliore), Moda […]

I Need A Man

Denver-based DJ and producer Craig C is back with a bang, and a banger, as ‘I Need A Man’ looks to follow in the footsteps of previous hit releases, the monstrous records ‘Every Night,’ ‘On My Mind’ with Ben A, and dance floor destroying remixes on ‘Cores’ by Tom Keller and ‘Faith’ for Division 4. […]